We have built many timber frame buildings to which have been of different designs.

We have done this work on development sites, for self builders, schools, public buildings etc.

All have been to specified drawings and in some cases to provide a sealed foundation for hazardous conditions like radon gases etc.

Many times when we have finished our timber projects we have also be asked to carry on to completion, first fix, second fix and finishing.

Self builders usually request this as they have seen our skills with the build!

All timber frames come in kit form and we start with a damp course membrane, sole plates secured, Then panels fitted, Joists and floors, 1st floor and so on until we reach the roof wether it be trussed, traditional cut, metal and steel work fitted if specified.

All frames are wrapped in breathable membrane felt or foil whatever is specified by the customer.

Necessary fire stop protection fitted as the frame is being erected.